K-12 Publishing Solutions

Delivering Successful Learning Experiences

How do we diversify content to address a spectrum of learning needs?

How do we seamlessly integrate technology into our traditional educational approach?

What strategies ensure accessibility compliance, fostering an inclusive learning experience for all?

Amidst the juggling act of multiple projects, how can we meet project timelines without compromising quality?

Amnet, a specialist in K-12 content, emerges as a solution. Our expertise spans traditional print and innovative digital solutions, encompassing content development (traditional and interactive), curriculum development, and assessments, ensuring an enriched educational experience for both students and educators.

Overcoming K-12 Publishing Challenges

As a leading K-12 publisher, Amnet addresses the challenges faced in today's evolving education landscape, offering expert solutions such as:

Full-Service Publishing: End-to-end solutions covering editorial services, composition, e-book creation, meticulous HTML5 and XML conversion, and online course development, including creating digital resources, such as videos, graphics, and simulations.

Accessibility Services: Alt-text writing, audio/video transcription, captioning, accessibility QA, and Benetech-certified EPUB conversion vendor. We remediate existing content and deliver born-accessible content to ensure digital equality.

Accessibility in Education

Ensuring accessibility is not just a choice—it’s an ethical and legal imperative. With an increasing number of students with disabilities, Amnet helps companies meet accessibility regulations (ADA, WCAG, Section 508, EN 301 549) by providing born-accessible content and remediating existing content. We offer services such as document accessibility, web and mobile accessibility, multimedia accessibility, alt-text and descriptive text services, learning management system accessibility, and more.

Elevating eLearning Experiences

Amnet brings educational visions to life through a combination of subject matter experts, instructional designers, and experienced project managers. From repurposing static content to creating interactive modules from scratch, we make learning engaging and effective.

Your Partner in Educational Publishing

Amnet offers a wide range of services for educational publishers, covering project management, content development, curriculum alignment, copyediting, proofreading, assessment development, accessibility, and design/layout. Elevate your K-12 publishing success with Amnet’s comprehensive solutions!

Comprehensive Services for K-12 Institutions

  • Customized content for Grades K-12 aligned with NGSS, CCSS, and state standards

  • Textbooks, teacher and student editions, workbooks, and supplementary materials

  • Specialized teams for web research, content creation, and development across various subjects

  • Storyboards, instructional design, scripts, graphics, videos/animations, and full-service production

  • Rich e-books with multimedia assets, fostering engaging learning experiences

  • Collaboration with subject matter experts to incorporate the latest trends and research findings

  • Syllabi and lesson plans; Instructor Guides

  • Course content maps to accreditation standards

  • Effective assessments for students, from pre-K through higher education

  • Design, layout, and assessment remediation